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Green Choice Extreme Performance EZ Grass is based upon the patented EZ Mulch seed establishment technology with the addition of premium compost and Hydretain watering aid. EZ Grass is designed to outperform the leading national brands, and it cannot be purchased in a "Big Box Store."


  • Premium Corn and Paper Fiber with USCC STA Compost

  • More Mulch per ft2 for better protection

  • More Seed pe ft2 than competing patch products

  • Kid and pet friendly

  • Contains 1-2-1 Starter Fertilizer

  • 6 lb shaker jug, covers up to 100 ft2

Green Choice EZ Flowers provides at least 20 perennial and annual varieties of wildflowers specially chosen to attract a wide variety of butterflies and hummingbirds while offering fantastic color and beauty throughout the growing season. Wildflowers prefer full sunlight, but they also tolerate partial shade and grow in most every zone and survive most soil types.

Green Choice EZ Flowers is a unique combination of premium variety wildflower seeds, fertilizer, and biodegradable pellet mulch made from recycled paper. It contains more mulch that results in increased moisture retention for better seed germination. The special fertilizer included ensures a good start for emerging seedlings.

At the end of the season, wildflowers may be cut or mowed to a height of no less than four inches. Perennial flowers will return the following spring and some annual flowers may reseed.

Approximately 10,000 seeds per bag, or 166 seeds per square foot.



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