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EZ Bond Fiber Matrix

Superior Strength:
EZ Bond has more than double the tackifier of competing products. This means twice the strengths, twice the bonding power and twice the longevity. Most plus products, stabilized products or short term fiber matrices have anywhere from 3 to 5 percent bonding agents. EZ Bond uses premium hydrocolloid base tackifier in the product to create optimum performance.

Provides Continuous Coverage:
This product, when applied to completely cover the area, will prevent direct rain impact on the soil and the resulting rills and channeling. It also gives a resilient shock absorbent layer between the water droplet and the underlying soil.

High Water Holding Capacity:
Once the fiber matrix is in place, the energy of the rain droplet will be dispersed by this layer and then absorbed to prevent high runoff velocities.

Environmental Compatibility:
This product will not form a crust that inhibits plant growth. Over the time necessary to establish permanent revegetation, EZ Bond will biodegrade into harmelss components that will provide nutrients for future plant growth.

EZ Bond Brochure


EZ Bond Max Fiber Matrix


EZ Bond Maximum Fiber Matrix combines the unique properties of corn fiber with a small amount of paper fiber and 10% cross linked hydrocolloid tackifier to offer stabilization of steeper slopes for longer periods of time than conventional hydraulic mulches or stabilized mulch matrix products.


EZ Bond Maximum offers intimate contact between the mulch layer and the soil without inhibiting growth.  When applied to completely cover the soil surface, EZ Bond Maximum will form an absorbent, flexible, biodegradable erosion resistant blanket that will help dissipate the energy of rain droplets, minimize potential erosive forces and help ensure that your site meets the NPDES Phase II requirements.


The proprietary cross linking chemistry used in EZ Bond Maximum Fiber Matrix is designed for maximum performance without any negative environmental impacts, even with multiple applications in highly erosive areas.  Ultimately, everything in a bag of EZ Bond Maximum will break down and improve the organic content of the soil.


EZ Bond Maximum Fiber Matrix can be expected to last 9-15 months depending upon application rate, soil type and preparation, and other site specific variables.  EZ Bond Maximum can be used on slopes up to 50 to 60 feet long depending upon slope severity and surface preparation.  Track walking parallel to the slope is highly recommended to slow down water velocity down the slope and improve infiltration.

EZ Bond Max MSDS

EZ Bond Max Brochure

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