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Green Choice EZ Grass
Green Choice EZ Grass is a unique combination of premium variety grass seed, specially formulated fertilizers, and biodegradable pellet mulch made from recycled paper.

Grass Seed: Our unique blend of grass seed provides excellent growth and vigor in shady areas, as well as direct sunlight.There are absolutely no noxious weed seeds or coarse grasses in our premium grass seed. Our varieties exhibit exceptional wear resistance, sod strength, shade tolerance, quick recovery, and superior resistance to heat and humidity. Our seeds are enhanced with endophytes which increase the resistance of the plants to surface feeding insects, dollar spot, and other turf diseases.This means less insecticide and fungicide applications over the life of your lawn.

Fertilizer: Our specially formulated fertilizer is a 10-20-26 with 2.5% Sulfur designed to provide the right amount of nutrients to promote new seedling growth and encourage root zone development.

Concentrated Pellet Mulch: Green Choice EZ Grass contains more concentrated pellet mulch per square foot, which helps hold the water the new seedlings need for growth.Water retention combined with improved seed/soil contact results in better germination rates and a thicker stand of grass and faster turf establishment.

EZ Grass

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